4 Ways To Feel Better When You Have To Cut A Tree Down

Just because you love trees and believe in their value doesn't mean you'll never have to make the decision to cut one down. There are plenty of valid reasons for taking down a tree in your yard, but even when you know it's the safest, smartest decision it can still make you feel awful. It can be difficult for avowed tree lovers to see a beloved tree removed and to look at the empty space where it once stood, but fortunately there are a few things you can do to feel better and to demonstrate your love for trees. Read More 

Tips For Treating Common Elm Tree Diseases

Elm trees are large trees with gray bark and leaves and berries that attract a variety of wildlife. Elms grow quickly and quite tall – if infection doesn't kill the tree before that can happen. Tree diseases have cut down the world's population of this noble tree. If you have an elm or elms in your yard, there are a few notable diseases to look for and keep ahead of so that the tree remains healthy. Read More 

3 Trees To Keep Out Of Your Yard

Nothing quite beats a good shade tree when it comes to increasing the curb appeal of your home. Yet planting the wrong kind of tree can lead to nightmares down the line. If you would like to learn more about what trees to keep away from your home, read on. This article will present three species that cause more trouble than they're worth. Lombardy Poplar In the past, this tree was often favored by landscapers. Read More 

Tips For Growing Avocado Trees Indoors And Out

When you cut open an avocado (Persea spp.), the seed is easily found in the middle of its creamy flesh. You can use this seed to start your own avocado plant. One way to start the growing process and watch the root development is to start the seed in water. This is a simple process that requires toothpicks, a glass of water and sunny window sill. Another method is starting the seed in potting soil. Read More